Steve Freisen wrote the Forward for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Coloring Book.  More importantly, he has written two exceptional books about the wild west.  First, Buffalo Bill: Scout, Showman, Visionary  stands apart from other tributes to the man. Based upon the collection of the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, this visual book provides a new perspective on William F. Cody.

       From April to November 1935 in Belgium, fifteen Lakotas enacted their culture on a world stage. Wearing beaded moccasins and eagle-feather headdresses, they set up tepees, danced, and demonstrated marksmanship and horse taming for the twenty million visitors to the Brussels International Exposition, a grand event similar to a world’s fair. The performers then turned homeward, leaving behind 157 pieces of Lakota culture that they had used in the exposition, ranging from costumery to weaponry. In Lakota Performers in Europe, Steve Friesen tells the story of these artifacts, forgotten until recently, and of the Lakota performers who used them.  

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Robert and Kristen Autobee often research at the Western History Department of the Denver Public Library.  Which is how they met Kellen Cutsforth, an archivist, author, and all-round good guy.  Eventually they found they had a shared interest in Buffalo Bill.  Kristen saw the posters and dime novels as works of art, Robert saw Buffalo Bill as a showman ahead of his times, and Kellen saw the superhero who had trouble managing his finances.  

Kristen thought it would be fun to color the posters herself.   Robert and Kellen were excited to share their knowledge about William Cody and his vision of the Wild West with a new audience.  

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Coloring Book will be  available at Red Herring Art Supply, 6719 W. Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado. It can purchased online booksellers like

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If you like reading about the Wild West, you won't want to miss our co-author Kellen Cutsforth's book, Buffalo Bill, Boozers, Brothels, and Bareknuckle Brawlers.  Kellen transcribed and edited (with relevant commentary for contemporary audiences) the travel journal of the wealthy young Englishman, Evelyn Booth.  He weaves a factual, enthralling, and entertaining narrative that follows Booth's escapades throughout the United States of the late nineteenth century revealing Booth’s career as a young care-free “frat boy” with unlimited funds.  His first-hand accounts involve drunken nights, fist fights, illicit sex with prostitutes, sporting events, and full-blown adventures with the most well-known celebrities of the day, including encounters with famous scout and showman William Frederick ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody and the Wild West Cowboys; bare knuckled world champions John L. Sullivan and Jack “Nonpareil” Dempsey; Fred Archer, the most famous horse jockey of the day, and prostitutes, gamblers, and infamous houses.   It is available on